Alison Redford was the PC leader of Alberta and the 14th Premiere of that province.

From the old website in 2012:

Alison was born March 7, 1965 in Kitimat, British Columbia and grew up all over Canada and overseas before settling in Calgary as a teenager. She graduated from Bishop Carroll High School in Calgary and completed her post-secondary education at the University Of Saskatchewan College Of Law in 1988.

Alison has been actively involved in both provincial and national politics since the 1980s. She served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Right Honourable Joe Clark, Secretary of State for External Affairs and in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada from 1988 to 1990. In this capacity, she organized a series of national consultations facilitating public input on federal white papers concerned with foreign affairs and defence. In Parliament, she was also the Principal Legislative Advisor to the Secretary of State for External Affairs.

Returning home to Calgary from Ottawa, Alison articled at Rooney Prentice. She then worked in a small partnership before opening her own law firm, gaining practical experience as a small business owner.

Throughout the 1990s, Alison worked as a technical advisor on constitutional and legal reform issues in Africa for the European Union, the Commonwealth Secretariat and both the Canadian and Australian governments. Her work in Africa focused on human rights litigation, education programs and policy reform initiatives.

In 2005, Alison was appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations as one of four International Election Commissioners to administer Afghanistan’s first parliamentary elections. She also served as an advisor to the Privy Council Office on Canada’s future involvement in Afghanistan.

Over the course of her career, Alison has also undertaken assignments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Philippines. Before seeking elected office in Alberta, she managed a judicial training and legal reform project for the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme People’s Court in Vietnam.

Alison has been an active member of many community boards including the Heritage Park Foundation, the Lycée Louis Pasteur Society and the Calgary Winter Club. She previously served on the Board of the Lakeview Community Association and the Alberta Human Rights Education Advisory Board.

Why Alison?

Alison Redford is a passionate Albertan, a proud member of the Progressive Conservative Party and the sitting MLA for Calgary-Elbow. Alison and her husband, Glen Jermyn, have one daughter Sarah.

Upon her election in 2008, Alison was appointed Alberta’s Justice Minister and Attorney General. In January 2010, she was also named Political Minister for Calgary. During her time in cabinet, Alison has overseen major improvements to Alberta’s justice system, strengthening public safety, crime and the courts as head of the successful cross-ministry, Alberta Safe Communities Secretariat.

Alison is running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party because she believes in Alberta’s potential. Thanks to its energy riches, Alberta has a powerful economy and remains one of the best places to work, start a business and earn a living. Alison wants Alberta to be more ­– the best place to live, raise a family and retire – and she has set out policies to make this happen.

A high quality of life demands strong and accessible public services. Alison will put family care clinics with extended hours of operation in every community and staff them with multidisciplinary teams including doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners. Albertans will have access to health care services when they need it, instead of crowding emergency rooms. Additionally, she intends to increase funding for continuing care and work with the private sector to provide affordable living options for seniors.

To make Alberta the best place to raise a family, Alison will offer subsidized daycare for families earning less than $50,000, allow couples to split their income for tax purposes and use tax incentives to encourage more licensed daycares to open.

All this requires fiscal discipline and responsive government. Alison will ensure Alberta uses revenue responsibly by topping up the Sustainability Fund and the Heritage Trust Fund with up to $4 billion annually. She will put public services on stable, multi-year funding cycles so they can plan for the future, meaning no more unpleasant surprises like unexpectededucation funding cuts. She will devolve power to local authorities where possible and, drawing on her experience as head of the Safe Communities Secretariat, break down barriers between government departments so they can work together effectively on behalf of Albertans.

Alison has the vision. Now she needs your support.