“As a mother and a daughter, I know how hard it is to access care through our current health care system. We need to redesign our system to focus on your needs as patients. We do this by improving access – access for young and old, rural and urban, healthy and ill.”

My solution is to:

Introduce a Family Care Clinic model that features multidisciplinary care teams. Each clinic will be constructed as a team with doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, mental health providers and other health professionals. This will:

  • Provide access to the most appropriate health care professional while ensuring health outcomes are the most effective
  • Offer a more diverse and higher quality range of health care services
  • Ensure Albertans have timely access to quality health care by increasing the hours of these clinics to 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Our Primary Care Networks were a first step in this direction. But they are not enough. We need to reinvent primary care delivery to focus on Alberta families and Alberta seniors. The goal is to ensure every Albertan has access to a primary care professional on a timely basis.

Currently, a patient requiring even the most basic of primary care must be seen by their individual physician. My model ensures you are treated by the most appropriate health care professional. Your clinic will be compensated for the visit and the you will have the best possible medical outcome.

Imagine a health system where you can make an appointment next week for your whole family. A clinic where you are seen immediately by a registered nurse who evaluates your needs and refers you to a nurse practitioner, a physician or a mental health professional. Your health care needs are the driving force. You leave understanding your families health more completely. You can rest assured that the care provided was the highest available and most appropriate. And you can go back whenever you need.

This is what Albertans want. It is what we need.